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SpinsHelper | CRUSH Spin & Go - Admin - 09-11-2017


Ever find it a pain in the ass constantly opening and closing files and folders until you find the right chart to use in your current Spin and Go situation, only to have your timebank run out when you finally find the chart you were looking for? 

Well we got your back! Introducing SpinsHelper

[Image: spinspic.PNG]

A 100% online and browser based Spin & Go chart tool developed to make Spin & Go players lives easier! Spinshelper comes preloaded with upto 42 Spin and Go charts (Spin & Go charts), based on the $7 - $15 player pool tendencies these Spin and Go charts (Spin & Go charts) are max EV lines to take vs the low stakes Spin & Go player pool.

No download necessary, try the FREE TRIAL CLICK HERE!

For the more experienced and higher stakes Spin & Go player, we offer custom Spin and Go chart packages built to your requirements. You can also upload your own charts to your own custom SpinsHelper app Spin and Go chart library. Contact for more details.

TIP: Resize the browser window to fit the app or click the "Launch in resized view" button for easy navigation and convenience