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Spin & Go Staking Deals (spin and go)
We're looking for enthusiastic and hardworking players to join our team to play Spin & Go's (spin and go) at PokerStars. Our team is one of the best in the game, our Spin and Go staking stable was established not long after Spin & Go (Spin and Go) were introduced at PokerStars, our Spin & (and) Go Coaches have formulated strong, crushing and very profitable Spin and Go strategys, ways to define player types / styles and ways to then exploit them. This Spin & (and) Go strategy knowledge will be taught to you by the very best Spin & (and) Go coaches in the game.  If you think you have what it takes to become a professional poker player we want to hear from you! Along with financial backing you will be receiving tons more added benefits including:

# POSSIBLE Spin & (and) Go EV DEALS (beat downswings and get paid in $ according to your chip ev!)
# profit chops available on request whenever in profit! (you don't have to wait for set dates)
# PT4 licence worth 100's of $
# advanced custom Spin & Go HUD worth $300+                                       
# hours of coaching every week with some of the best $100 Spin & Go (spin and go) coaches in the game
# access to very active Skype discussion and strategy groups with 100+ players
# access to training video packs worth 100's of $
# population tendency charts
# positional charts
# PT4 winrate filters 

and much more!

You don't even need to currently be a winning player to apply with us as we're so confident in our coaching by the best spin and go coaches in the game and training programme that we can turn most anyone into a Spin & Go (spin and go)  crusher in a small time frame. Our best players who joined our stable playing the $3 stakes quickly progressed up the stakes to the $100 level and some are now even coaching! 

To apply, fill in a Spin and Go Staking Deal application HERE.

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